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July 20, 2006



I am not a writer or journalist by any means. I don’t have a gift for words and I’m barely fair at drawing but I felt like writing this. I have read here and other sites about how the Moleskin isn’t all that good to use a fountain pen in. Before I go on I just want to say that I have truely enjoyed reading all that has been put in this site. I have been keeping a journal now for a little over a year now. Mostly on notebook or copy paper or some fair parchment like paper. The other day I discovered the Moleskin notebook. I love this little book. I got the pocket size first. I went out and picked up the larger one so I could start keeping my journal in it. But before I started I read that they may not be that good to use a fountain pen. So I went out and got the Cahiers to try out first. I am using a rotring fountain pen with brown international ink. I have written 8 pages today with it and have had no problems at all. As a matter of fact it’s a pleasure to use. So I just wanted to share this with all.


hi there... i've just come accross your site, and i too am a scibbler and sketcher... and.... book binder. i've had a sketchbook/notebook obsession for quite a long time now... and around 10 years ago i started to learn bookbinding... joy! now i make my own sketchbooks, any way i can imagine. i have since started my own bindery.... making books that are one-offs ( apart from the odd limited edition ).
even more recently, i have started to list on, so in the interest of a shared love, and a little self promotion, i'd like to put forward the books i make. if you choose to put this info on your site, thankyou for your time and effort; if not, no offense was intended.. regards, phil from ort bindery

Tom K


I just happened across your site and I found it fascinating. I found several wonderful journals with interesting bindings and paper. I have used the moleskine products but I see there are much better or at least more interesting ones available. One thing I did not find was a better similar shaped pocket diary. I anyone knows of one I would be happy to hear of it.
Tom K


Hi Armand:

Here's something about travel journaling from a site(besides Notebookism)that I visit nearly every day . . .

"Around the World
Interview by Rosecrans Baldwin

When your cousin can upload 400 pictures from her Tahitian vacation but not find time to whittle them down, do you care too much about her journey? Barbara Levine and Kirsten Jensen’s new book, Around The World: The Grand Tour in Photo Albums takes us back to when travel albums possessed depth instead of breadth, reflections rather than refractions. The pictures selected for this gallery are from Chicagoan Clara E. Whitcomb’s diary, written around the turn of the century during her travels in Egypt."

faithful reader

Viscount du Chance-Medley

The sketchbook has been more-or-less a permanenant feature of my back pocket since I was at St.Martins, and feel somewhat lost without it. Never numbered, rarely dated, the hardback covers worn smooth and curved to the gluteus maximus, my books have been both camera and captain's log, companion and witness since the late twentieth century. The Devil will find work for idle hands, and with a well-oiled precision movement pen meets book and the imagination energises!

Any project that venerates this humble yet necessary item gets my support!

Viz ;)

Warren Brown

After 62 years, Arthur Brown & Bro. Inc., is moving and closing our art department. There are discounts on all art materials of 50% and more. There are also many items on sale in the store. We are located at 2 West 46th Street, New York, NY 10036. 212-575-5555


Hello, just a suggestion.

I looked around for a while and couldn't find an area where you list your tags? It would be helpful since I noticed you do tag all your entries!


Hello, found your site and am thrilled as a writer I am always looking for the perfect notebook for a journal or the best fountain pen. Looking forward to enjoying what your site will have to offer in the coming days.

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